Pictorial artist and designer. Born in 1963 in Sint Laurens, The Netherlands.
Education at Academy of Arts for 1st degree Teacher in Amersfoort and Utrecht, subjects: Crafts, Drawing, Art history and View on Art.

Tjacolien Wiersma is an all-round artist. She has regular exhibitions. Her work is municipally-, company- and privately-owned. The objects Tjacolien makes are two- as well as three-dimensional. Surprising is her large work, which can span several meters.


In the eighties the central theme was the endurability of human suffering, stilledly expressed in the monumental object "Draagbaar" (endurable). This theme is more effusively pictured in a series "Piëta's", several meters in size, and "Gate to Heaven or Hell", a work of art for the public space in Amersfoort.

In 1999 Tjacolien pictures in a particular way "The Last Supper".
A theme that has inspired artists of many centuries. The installation forces the observer to participate in the confusion and desparation that is enclosed in this subject.

Since 2000 large strong canvasses arise that, also through immense expressiveness and control of material, show human victory. This has hellish as well as heavenly moments.

From 2003 until today Tjacolien is gripped by the ancient theme "Fertility". The theme led in 2008 to a remarkable installation in the Catharina church in Eindhoven, consisting of 1400 kilo sand, bones of four oxes en a painted canvas of 2x3 meter.

The theme "Fertility" and the quest for Purity brought her in contact with Islamic Art.

The recent works look rich as well as sober through the use of cement and gold leaf.

In 2014 the film Narthex has been finished, inspired bij the Pieta by Michelangelo. This film of 9 minutes took 2,5 year to make with 110 persons. The film has been selected by the Eindhoven Film Festival in 2016 and the New York City Independent Film Festival in 2017.

Besides autonomous artist, Tjacolien is also designer. The assignments for applied art, she approaches as an artist.